The International English Language Testing System, IELTS, is an English language assessment system, specially designed by the British Council together with IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment for people who need to proof their level of English for specific purposes.

It is one of the tests that may be requested to apply to secondary and higher education in the UK, countries of the EC, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and is widely accepted in several US universities (Harvard, UCLA Berkeley, Yale and NYU amongst others). It is also a mandatory requirement to immigrate into countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

It is offered by Instituto Chileno Británico de Cultura, accredited for the administration of this test on a national level since 2007.

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IELTS is offered in two modules

  • Academic: Generally suited for people who wish to study undergraduate or postgraduate programmes at universities abroad.
  • General Training: Suited for people who wish to study or train below degree level or for those who wish to migrate to countries such as Australia, New Zealand or Canada.

It is mandatory for the applicant to enquire at the institution to which they are applying, what module they have to take.

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The results are available after 13 days from the written components test date. You may check your preliminary results online at the, (the results will not be delivered by telephone).

The Test Report Form, TRF, must be collected by the candidate at Santa Lucia 124, from Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 14:00 and from 15.00 to 18.00 hours. Candidates from other cities outside of Región Metropolitana will receive their TRFs by courier.

Note: Each candidate will receive only one TRF.

For more information regarding IELTS results or the sending of TRFs send an e-mail to

Components of the test

The test assesses the linguistic competence of the candidate within four skills:

  • Listening Comprehension, 40 minutes.
  • Reading Comprehension, 1 hour.
  • Writing, 1 hour.
  • Speaking, 10 to 15 minute long individual interview (it is important that you know that the speaking component may be assessed on a different day than the written components).

Know more about IELTS, preparation, application and results at

Test Day

Make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your test has been scheduled. You must show the ID document you used to apply to the test. Otherwise you won’t be allowed to sit for the exam.

If you want to make a suggestion or leave a complaint, you must do so by addressing the supervisor before you leave the test venue that day.

Cancelling or transferring the test to a later date

Any request to cancel or to transfer the test to later date has to be made at least 5 weeks before the date you are enrolled for and you can transfer the test within the following three months.

Transferring or cancelling exams is NOT ACCEPTED within 5 weeks from the test date unless it is exclusively for any of the following reasons: serious illness, passing of a relative or an emergency. Any request must be backed by a medical certificate or another official document. In case the request is accepted the refund will consist of 80% of the price you paid for the test.

You can only request one change of date or refund. Requesting a change of date and a refund, afterwards, is not acceptable.

Special Needs

In case you have special needs due to learning disabilities, hearing or visual impairment or due to other reasons you must let us know three months in advance in order to make the necessary arrangements. Any such request must be accompanied by a medical certificate.

Security Warning

Do not risk your integrity and future by trying to cheat in any way.

  • Do not trust anybody that offers to sit the IELTS test for you.
  • Do not trust anybody that offers to sell you IELTS test results, these undertakings are fake.

Security is important to us

If you see any activity that puts IELTS test security at risk, inform immediately.

Upcoming Sessions 2020

  • 11 January ( AC / GT )
  • 13 February ( Thursday ) ( AC / GT )
  • 21 March ( AC / GT )
  • 04 April  (AC/GT)
  • 30 May (AC/GT)
  • 20 June (AC/GT)
  • 11 July  (AC/GT)
  • 8 August  (AC/GT)
  • 26 September (AC/GT)
  • 24 October (AC/GT)
  • 21 November (AC/GT)
  • 5 December (AC/GT)

Consejos para preparar IELTS

Consejos para preparar IELTS

Consejos para preparar IELTS

Face-to-face Enrolment

From Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 13:30 at our Headquarters located at Santa Lucia 124 in the city centre. All candidates must bring their current National ID Cards or their current Passports and a color photocopy of said document. The document they enroll with must be the same document used to identify themselves on the exam day.

You can download the application form and bring it when you come to enroll for the test.

Online Enrolment

Computer-Delivered and Paper-Based IELTS

Before enrolling, read the following document carefully Information for Candidates


2019 and January 2020 Enrolment Fee: $179.000.-

From February 2020 onwards Enrolment Fee: $186.500.-

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